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Newsletter Bulletin, Volume 12: Advancing Our Work in 2019

January 17, 2019

Improving Our Work with Clinical Support Services

I hope 2019 is off to a great start for the extended ACANY family! Back in December, I wrote to you about some exciting changes that are coming, including the introduction of managed care and our overall growth as an organization. I’ll come back to these two in the weeks ahead.

For my first message of 2019, I want to share about the work of the new ACANY clinical support services team—a resource that we hope will become more familiar and accessible to you over time. Though still growing, this new team is already making an impact. In a recent consult, they were able to help a Care Manager drill into the supports that a person needed and help connect the family with the right resources before they had to make an extreme choice.

The situation was particularly challenging: the family of a young woman enrolled in ACANY wanted her to be admitted for acute psychiatric care because “she was acting out.” Many of you, if not all, have probably supported people in similar circumstances. While sometimes a person truly needs inpatient care, it is rarely the first course of action and should only be pursued once all layers of the onion have been peeled back to get at what is really happening.

In this case, the family had just gotten a new puppy over the holidays. This was when the young woman’s “behavior” started to become unbearable for her family. Oftentimes, what we think is the cause of the “problem” is not actually the root cause, but just another symptom. The clinical team was able to identify this and bring in NYSTART and a respite provider.

As the saying goes, “all behavior is communication.” Having partners who can help fully evaluate the situation and bring in the right resources will help ACANY deliver better supports to the people we serve. This will put us in great shape for the future under managed care.

—Jay Nagy, CEO

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