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Update from Lewis Grossman, CEO

April 10, 2020

Dear Staff,

The safety of our loved ones is ever present in our hearts. We are devastated by the images we see and the constant updates as the world continues to battle COVID-19.

How could this happen in our lifetime? How could our beloved USA be so vulnerable?

I am proud of the advocacy, the innovation, and the unyielding perseverance of our staff in support of our members. The work each of you are doing is making an impact. I know ACA is saving lives.

This week begins a period of observance. Many of us will participate in virtual Passover Seders or observe Good Friday and celebrate a virtual Easter Sunday with family and friends.

My prayers for a return to a time just a few weeks ago when we could freely share time with friends, take change from a store clerk and not worry or hug our loved ones.

How I long once more to hold my grandkids and kiss their beautiful faces.

Please stay SAFE

Lou Grossman, CEO

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