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The pandemic will end – Lewis Grossman, CEO

The pandemic will end.

Spring has arrived and soon flowers will bloom and the warmth of the sun will give each of us comfort.

Our Governor eloquently presents an encouraging flattening of the “apex”. However, each day the death count increases. The number of individuals who are supported by ACANY and tested or presume to be positive now exceeds six hundred (600). Sadly, fifty-one(51) beautiful souls have passed away. Our Willowbrook members have been particularly impacted, sixty (60) members who many years ago resided at Willowbrook and suffered unspeakable acts of emotional and physical abuse have tested positive and twelve (12) have passed away.

May they rest in peace.

To our staff, please find comfort in knowing you have enhanced their lives and provided the opportunity for each to live a full life.

The downstate area where ACA/NY supports over 24,000 members has been the epicenter of the virus. Our extraordinary staff continues to provide daily contact, ensures food availability, medications and when needed coordinates medical care. Our Care Managers are a life line to our members and their families, their efforts continues to saves lives.

Many questions remain…How much longer can we continue to live and work this way? When will it be safe to return to the life we love?

These are critical questions being debated on a National and Local level, I pray for an informed decision.

I pray for a decision that doesn’t sacrifice a life by prematurely lifting the protocols that are proving to be effective.

ACANY stands ready, willing, and able to to support our members and their families, for as long as necessary.

Be safe,

Lewis Grossman, CEO