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Celebrating National Case Management Week

Thank you photo of Care Managers.

ACA/NY COO Recognizes Care Managers

We are pleased to recognize and celebrate our Care Managers during Case Management Week (October 9 -October 15). As Care Managers, you play a critical role in ensuring each member gets to live their most meaningful and healthy life. For many, you change their life.

You help move someone from a supervised setting to an independent setting where in-home supports keep them safe. You manage their day-to-day living skills. You help maintain someone’s job in the community by securing employment supports that bring success. You assist someone to access healthcare critical to prevent complex medical concerns. You jump to the rescue when the heat is turned off and someone is in critical need on a cold winter day. You personally ensure that vulnerable members have access to food and clean clothing in times of hardship.

We recognize the tremendous responsibility placed upon you to help members stay healthy. We see how it takes a very special personality and tenacity to uphold this important responsibility. At times, you are the only advocate who believes they can, when others believe they can’t.

This week we are reminded to take time not only to recognize the skills and talents you bring to support members, but also to recognize the challenges and obstacles that sometimes stand in your way. Regardless of obstacles, you rise above and persevere!

While we continue to navigate the ongoing closing of the public health emergency, we reflect on how the pandemic has affected many members and may have resulted in changes to their needs, wants, and services. You continue to encourage adapting by standing beside them every step of the way – guiding, educating, and advocating. We celebrate all Care Managers during Case Management Week 2022!

You, the Care Manager, are the true super hero inspiring us all with your work and the lives you change for the better. Thank you!