Care Coordination

Enhanced Supports to Coordinate Services

At LIFEPlan CCO, we believe that every person should have the right to define the life you want to live.

With enrollment in LIFEPlan Care Management, people with intellectual and development disability are assisted in finding, coordinating and getting access to services and supports. Care Managers work with you to create your Life Plan, coordinating six key service areas that can lead to a richer, more independent life.

Core Services of Care Management

1. Comprehensive Care Management
2. Care Coordination and Health Promotion
3. Comprehensive Transitional Care
4. Person and Family Support
5. Referral to Community Supports
6. Health Information Technology to 
link services

The Life Plan is created by you and your Care Manager to guide choices and coordinate services across systems, taking a personalized, comprehensive look at your needs, wants, preferences, and strengths. The completed Life Plan guides delivery of developmental disability, medical and behavioral health services, and is updated and regularly reviewed by you and your Care Manager.