Ten Steps to Enroll with ACA/NY

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Go to acany.org and click the “Enroll” button.
Complete the New Member Referral Form at acany.org/enroll.

You will be assigned to an Admissions Coordinator within two business days of receipt of your completed New Member Referral Form.

A consent form will be provided for you to sign which will allow ACA/NY to share/access information. You will also be provided an information packet to sign (preferably within 30 days) which will allow us to assist you with the eligibility and enrollment process.

A checklist of documents will be provided to you that we will need to process your eligibility. Although some of the required documents may have been shared with your regional OPWDD office, we will also need copies.

Your Admissions Coordinator will guide you through any additional documents we will need as we journey through this process together. Establishing eligibility may take between two and six months.

You will be assigned an Eligibility Coordinator that will assist you in obtaining Medicaid and/or verify Medicaid eligibility, as applicable.

Your Admissions Coordinator will work with your regional OPWDD office to complete the Level of Care Eligibility Determination Form.
Your Admissions Coordinator will submit a request for enrollment and ensure a smooth transition into Care Management services.
Once you are deemed eligible by your regional OPWDD office, Care Management services will begin the first of the following month.