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Guardianship: Decision Making for those who Lack Capacity

Date(s) - 06/16/2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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One important value that people of all ages throughout our society hold (especially our seniors), is independence. Unfortunately, our individual independence can be limited through the loss of one’s capacity. The need for a guardianship proceeding may arise when a loved one loses capacity without advance planning. The process of having a guardian appointed can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Learn how to avoid the need for a guardianship and navigate through the process if one becomes necessary.

What we will cover in the presentation:

  • How are decisions made for an individual who needs help?
  • Financial decision making
  • Health care decision making
  • Guardianships

Presented by:
Eric J. Einhart, Esq.

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