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SIDDC’s General Council Meeting

Date(s) - 01/21/2022
9:30 am

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Presentation: Providers from the NY Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation

Presented by: Ryan Cox, VP for Analytics & Financial Business Strategy & Louis Cavaliere, Consultant

There were many lessons learned as a result of the pandemic. One such lesson is how well your agency was prepared to deal with a significant crisis. Did you have a business continuity plan to address the many issues you had to confront very quickly at the beginning of the pandemic? The NY Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation is the recipient of a NY Community Trust grant to create a Risk Resilience Toolkit. A hallmark of the toolkit is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), a tool for capturing the many important details needing attention in the face of events that disrupt normal business operations. Whether your organization has an emergency plan in need of review and updating, or you are beginning a new plan, the BCP can be an invaluable resource.