Member & Family Advisory Council


Mission Statement

The LIFEPlan CCO Member and Family Advisory Council is a group of LIFEPlan members, families, and caregivers that meets regularly to support, connect, guide, and advocate to enhance the member experience and improve the lives of all in the intellectual and developmental disability community.


The Voice of LIFEPlan Members

The LIFEPlan CCO Member and Family Advisory Council (MFA Council) is the voice of LIFEPlan members. Six regional MFA Councils, made up of LIFEPlan members, parents and caregivers, meet quarterly to discuss important topics focused on LIFEPlan Care Coordination and other services, education and advocacy. Member terms are for 2 years, with half of the Council rotating off the board each year.

About the MFA Council

Six regions in 38 counties
8-10 volunteer members per council
Meets quarterly
Self-advocates, parents and caregivers
Council members must be enrolled with LIFEPlan
2 year term

JOIN US! As advocates of LIFEPlan services, council members actively engage  their communities about care coordination topics, and offer education and training for LIFEPlan members and their families. Become an MFA Council Member.

Mohawk Valley
Karen Adams
Ron Loubier
David Mathis
Caleb Lenord
Karen Clark
Stacie Savarese
Shelby Fox
Nichole Hastings
Karen Kuhn

Central New York
Kathy Annable
Ellen Weinstein
Daniel Aneshansley
Stephanie Allen
LaToya Jones
Michael Kennedy
Glenda Criss
Jeff Seltzer
Mary Schwanke
Tina Fitzgerald
Gerry DiCosimo

Southern Tier
John Peter Wanamaker
Paula Giroux
Deborah Ossit
Tommy Sidoti
Mary Beth Kadylak
Margaret Shaw
Courtney Donnelly
Karen Murinchack
Edward Palumbo

Hudson Valley
Eric Gerard
Theresa Kraus
Lori Starr
Janet Murphy
Jennifer Oneill-Brennan
Sue Jordan
Deborah Mayo
Tara Klein
Brendan Klein
Gage Johnson

Capital Region
Sid Newbold
Bradley Pivar
Emily Liu
Michele Barker
Bill Richmond
Michelle Ninstant
Christine Perkinson
Sara Berg
Matthew Graham
Leslie Spence

North Country
Karen Lawliss
Kim TeRiele
Chris Bacon
Corina Fraser Wilson
Rebecca McDermott
Dora Richter
Linda Reece
Jackie Sauter
Edward Duryea
Serena Krywanczyk
Linda Scagle