Core CCO Services

ACANY’s comprehensive person-centered services are provided by trained, experienced and committed professionals. We offer the following services and supports to people of all ages with I/DD and their families:


Life Transitions

We offer support for all types of life transitions, like moving between residential settings and aging out of school into adult services.


Culturally Competent Care

ACANY employs a diverse workforce that includes 900+ Care Managers who work in 10 counties, speak many languages and are familiar with a range of community cultures in downstate New York. Their skills and abilities are continually augmented by robust training opportunities to help them understand issues that are unique to a particular culture or community. Staff can offer culturally-attuned options to further individuals’ goals and needs. A number of our community-based Affiliate Agencies also employ staff who speak the prevalent language(s) and are based in the community they serve.ACANY is well-equipped to meet the needs of diverse New York communities including:


Specialized Services

People with I/DD in the 10-county region served by ACANY have wide-ranging service needs based on their individual unique strengths and challenges.ACANY has Care Managers and Affiliate Agencies with training and expertise to assist people who need specialized services for the following conditions:

Vision Impairments

Hearing Impairments

Autism Spectrum Disorders