Care Coordination Services

ACA/NY is an industry leader in providing care coordination services including, but not limited to, the following:

Comprehensive Care Management

Creating a plan with you, for you

Your Care Manager will assist you in creating your Life Plan. The Life Plan process helps inform you in making decisions, assists in identifying the supports you need to pursue your interests and coordinates the services you select to achieve these goals.

Health Promotion

For a healthier you

One of ACA/NY’s goals is to promote your physical and emotional well-being. Your Care Manager will help you access medical, dental and other wellness professionals from a wide network of experienced and attentive providers. ACA/NY engages licensed clinicians (RNs, social workers, etc.) to assist the Care Manager in identifying the appropriate specialty services. Ask us about the services that are important to you and your loved ones.

Transitional Care

Guiding you through change

ACA/NY provides support for life transitions, both small and large. Whether it is a visit to an emergency room or a hospital stay, your Care Manager will assist you in navigating the discharge planning process. Your Care Manager will partner with you as you transition through life stages. Learn more about Life Transitions and how we will support you through these critical life changes.

Individual and Family Support

Accessing your plan, informing your choices

Your Care Managers will collaborate with you and your Circle of Support to learn about and access a full range of supports and services. You will learn how to access your Life Plan in the language or format that you understand, and make changes to it based on your preferences.

Community and Social Support (Services)

Participating in the culture and life of your community

Your Care Manager will connect you with a variety of community-based resources. They will help coordinate the referral process, guide you through accessing and engaging these opportunities, and will follow up to ensure that these resources are the right fit for you.

Use of Health Information Technology to Link Services

How technology optimizes your care

ACA/NY uses an Electronic Health Record (EHR) called Core Solutions. This allows for the coordination of information across providers that you choose in your Life Plan. Our EHR is connected to RHIOs which allows us to identify unmet healthcare needs and reach out and provide support through challenging medical events. ACA/NY is dedicated to helping you access supports for your health and well-being, your way. Our responsibility and our promise is to do so with the utmost respect for your privacy.