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My pharmacy wouldn’t deliver my medications during COVID-19. Jill and Heidi got my medications transferred to a pharmacy that delivered them to me twice a week. I was able to stay safe and be independent.

My daughter’s personal items were destroyed in a house fire. Tova heard about this and sent new clothing for my daughter. She also ensured that we had someone to talk to during this difficult time.

My son refused to wear a mask while in the community. Bryan not only helped find a mask that Jose would wear, but he purchased them and mailed them to my home right away. They worked for Jose!! Thank you so much, Bryan.

Our son was in a school out of state. We had tried over 60 possible residential homes in New York and were unable to find a home for him. Yesnia worked tirelessly to find Lloyd a home – and it’s just 25 minutes away from our home! Yesnia changed our lives. Thank you ACA.

Beth reached out to charities to help me get an iPad so that I could participate in remote Day Hab. This really made my day and also allowed me to see my friends and family.