ACANY is committed to facilitating:

Members and their families making informed choices about life goals and service options.

Staff and Affiliate Agencies promoting evidence-based and informed services, as well as innovative best practices.

Public understanding about the potential for people with I/DD to lead fulfilling lives, have choices about how they live, and achieve goals that are important to them.

Below are resources that may be of interest to ACANY’s various stakeholders.

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What is a Care Manager?

A Care Manager is a person who will work with you to create a Life Plan that addresses all your service needs. Your Care Manager will help coordinate services across systems, including services licensed and/or supported by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), the Department of Health (DOH) and the Office of Mental Health (OMH).

What's the difference between the Health Home Care Management and Basic Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Plan Support?

Health Home Care Management (HHCM) is an enhanced service coordination option for people with I/DD, including those with complex needs.  Offered by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) such as ACANY, HHCM offers a more holistic, comprehensive and person-centered level of service that ensures all of a person’s providers, including those offering community-based/waiver, medical and mental health services, are aligned with the person’s personal goals, preferences and valued outcomes. HHCM also makes it easier to share information among providers and with the person and their circle of support, resulting in more flexible service planning. Basic Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Plan Support is an alternative form of care management, which is also provided by ACANY Care Managers. It is a very minimal coordination option and does not include coordination of health care or mental health services.

What can I expect from my Care Manager?

The services provided by your Care Manager depend on the type of care management you are receiving. If you are enrolled in Basic HCBS Plan Support, your Care Manager will continue to support the coordination of your traditional HCBS waiver services (mostly OPWDD programs). The Care Manager will help develop your Life Plan and review it bi-annually. They will also monitor your health and safety at home and in the community. If you are enrolled in Health Home Care Management (HHCM), your Care Manager will offer additional services and supports, including coordination of and assistance in accessing behavioral health, medical and dental services. Also, your Care Manager will help you access community resources, navigate multiple service systems and plan for future needs. Care Managers offering HHCM utilize technology that supports life planning, provider linkages and information sharing. All of these services are designed to enhance service access and quality, as well as improve your outcomes and achievement of your goals.

What is a Life Plan and what can I expect?

The Life Plan defines the person’s goals/valued outcomes and individual safeguards, including how these relate to what is most meaningful to you. You can expect a comprehensive assessment process by a collaborative team of professionals led by you. Your Care Manager will help facilitate the life planning process with you, your circle of support and your providers.

What do core services mean for me and my family?

The core services of Health Home Care Management will allow you to receive:

  • Comprehensive Care Management:  The Care Manager works with you and your family to identify your current service needs, providers, supports, goals and activities.
  • Care Coordination and Health Promotion: Your Health Home will provide education and training to you and your family on self-management techniques to promote wellness and maximize independent living skills.
  • Comprehensive Transitional Care: Your Care Manager will manage your services during the transition between levels of care, such as the transition from school to adult services, after a hospital discharge to a community setting, or when you change to a new Health Home provider.
  • Individual and Family Support: Your Care Manager will help in the coordination of information and services to support you and your family to maintain and promote quality of life. They will identify if you or your family require additional community-based resources and coordinate that assistance, as needed
  • Referral to Community and Social Support Services: Your Care Manager will collaborate/coordinate with community-based providers to support effective utilization of services based on needs.
  • Health Information Technology: Your Life Plan and all your services will be linked on a state-of-the-art technology platform that is used by all the Health Homes.


Learn more about the six core HHCM services on Our Services page.

What are Staff Action Plans?

Staff Action Plans strengthen person-centeredness and quality outcomes based on your Life Plan goals and what is meaningful to you. It will describe in detail the specific supports and services that will be provided to you to help achieve your valued outcomes. It will also explain your safeguards, which are identified in the Life Plan.

Where can I get general information on care coordination services in New York?

You can find specific information about Health Home Care Coordination Organizations like ACANY on the NYS OPWDD website and general information about care coordination services available to a wide range of New Yorkers on the NYS Department of Health website.

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What does Managed Care Readiness mean?

Managed Care Readiness is a metric to understand the next phase of transition from Care Coordination Organizations to Managed Care. Care Managers help members and their families learn about how the transition will affect the two broad categories of OPWDD’s waiver services and Department of Health (DOH) State Plan Services. Managed Care Readiness helps us understand the timeline for the implementation of managed care (for impacted services), as well as anticipated managed care-related changes in administrative process, provider network and innovation, and member options now and in the transition phase.

What does it mean to have an affiliation with ACANY?

Affiliates of ACANY, which were previously providing Medicaid Service Coordination, will continue to partner with ACANY to provide members with HCBS waiver services that foster community integration and inclusion. Due to the requirement for conflict-free case management, only ACANY Care Managers will provide care management services.

What can partner agencies expect from the Life Plan?

The partner agencies should expect an ongoing collaboration and coordination between the person served, their circle of support and partner agencies during the comprehensive assessment. Using a person-centered approach, all parties including the partner agencies will collaborate on the development and review of the Life Plan and Staff Action Plan supported by health information technology.