Compliance Hotline (646) 755-9029

ACANY has established a Compliance Hotline intended to provide a method of reporting any compliance concerns. Any concerns regarding improper or unethical activity such as violations of professional standards of practice or business ethics, breach of Member privacy or confidentiality, information system security breach, inaccurate billing, or conflicts of interest should be reported. This list does not include all the possible violations that should be reported to the Compliance Department but provides examples of the different type of things that the Compliance Office would like to hear about. Information provided to the hotline is treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law. No one will retaliate against any person making a report in good faith. The Compliance hotline phone number (646) 755-9029 is a dedicated voice mailbox accessible only by Compliance staff.

Compliance Statement

ACANY is dedicated to providing services in compliance with all State and Federal laws governing its operations and consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics.

ACANY staff, contractors, vendors and are responsible for understanding and complying with the Company’s Compliance Program, meeting all regulatory requirements, reporting all known or suspected violations of fraud or abuse, and assisting in the resolution of compliance issues. Failure to perform these duties is a violation in itself.

Examples of Compliance violations that would need to be reported include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Disclosing or using confidential information regarding the Company, staff, or Members.

· Billing for services that were not provided.

· Falsifying Company financial documentation.

· Accepting a bribe from a vendor or contractor for Member referrals.

· Falsifying Member documentation (Life Plans, Progress notes, monthly summaries) to justify payment.

· Documenting & billing for services provided by another staff person.

Director of Corporate Compliance: Glenda Criss

Corporate Compliance Officer: Lauren Albaroni