Annual Staff Conference Award Designations

Nominate Staff for Awards!

All staff are encouraged to nominate a peer who has gone above and beyond their daily job responsibilities to help a member, teammate, or to excel in their role. Be sure to explain the impact the actions the nominated staff had on a member, families, the community or LIFEPlan CCO.

All staff up to but not including Director level are eligible to be nominated. 

Award Descriptions

    1. The Dreamer is a staff member who is not afraid to think big. They are creative and innovative. Their work is uninhibited by convention, allowing them to move LIFEPlan and LIFEPlan members towards previously unimagined futures.
    2. The Planner is a staff member who shows consistent organization and a thorough  understanding of expectations. They provide others with a methodical roadmap of how work will be executed. They act as a stabilizing foundation, giving structure to LIFEPlan’s aspirations.
    3. The Achiever is a staff member who works hard and with consistent focus. They are action-oriented and unstoppable. They are the person you go to when you need to get things done. They work above and beyond to realize LIFEPlan’s vision of supporting others to live the life they dream of.

Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, July 22nd. 

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