Denied Waiver Services?

You have the right to challenge or appeal  

You have the right to challenge/appeal any OPWDD or Social Security decisions. Here are some resources that can help you with denials.  

OPWDD Denials

If you are not approved for an OPWDD service you need, you can disagree with the denial and/or formally appeal the decision. Ask your Care Manager for support, or click here to learn more about how to request a hearing to appeal OPWDD’s determination. 

Social Security Denials

The process of applying for Social Security can be a long and complicated one. What happens when you or your loved one is denied benefits? If a Member or their representative disagrees with a Social Security or SSI decision, check out the following resources to learn how to appeal decisions. 

If you need assistance navigating an OPWDD or Social Security denial, your Care Manager can support you with this.