Gestion des soins

Créer un plan avec vous, pour vous.

At ACANY, we create a plan for your life with you. For your wants, your needs and what you desire most in life.

With enrollment in ACANY Care Management, people with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) get help finding, coordinating, and accessing the services they need.

Grâce à un soutien étroit et personnel, les Care Managers coordonnent les soins de santé, les services personnels et les aides sociales, les soins liés à la maladie pour les affections chroniques et l'accès aux soins préventifs. Les services de gestion des soins sont fournis en tenant compte des préférences culturelles et linguistiques.

Gestion complète des soins - Créer un plan avec vous, pour vous

Your Care Manager assists you to identify the supports needed to pursue your interests, and coordinates the services you choose to achieve your goals. 

Person and Family Support – Participating in Culture and Community 

Your Care Manager collaborates with you and your network of natural supports to connect you to the people, places, and activities of your choice.

Health Promotion – Healthy living in each stage of life 

Your Care Manager helps you access medical, dental and other wellness professionals, to help maintain your best health. 

Referral to Community Supports – Connecting to People and Places 

Your Care Manager connects you to many community-based resources, guiding you to new opportunities that are the right fit for you. 

Comprehensive Transitional Care – Guiding you through life Changes

Care Managers guide you to the right support during important transitions in life. Includes medical transitions. 

Health Information Technology – Technology to optimize your Care

ACANY uses an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to maintain and track decisions and progress  between providers, accessing health and wellness supports with the respect for privacy.