Help Comes Just in Time

ACANY Care Manager Makes an Impact

Isaaiha, age 20, was living with his aunt when she died unexpectedly. A sister lived at a distance, and although a brother lived at home, he had limited resources and couldn’t provide the care Isaaiha needed to thrive and live a full, healthy life. The house was in severe disrepair, and with no one to pay the bills, the utilities were eventually cut off.   

This isolation had a profound impact on Isaaiha. He had almost no independent hygiene skills or living skills. He couldn’t shop for himself and couldn’t prepare food or clean his living space. Isaaiha stopped attending school and had not socialized for months.   

That’s when Care Manager Greg Resnick and Assistant Director Andrew Dunscombe stepped in. The state notified them about Isaaiha’s situation and immediately moved Isaaiha to temporary housing and got to work to find a better permanent home.  

After a few positive visits to a group residence, Greg and Andrew realized the new situation suited Isaaiha. They asked Isaaiha if he would like to live with the peers he was doing so well with socially at the group home.   

I can only imagine how Isaaiha felt, said Greg. He was without his aunt, the only person he trusted, and then he was put into a completely unknown situation.  

Greg was surprised it took only four visits for Isaaiha to be comfortable in his new living situation.  

Isaaiha is excelling in all the areas he was having challenges in, said Greg. He’s developing his independent living skills. He follows routines and needs minimal prompting to complete his daily activities.  

Isaaiha has made a good circle of friends at his new residence. Another positive development, Greg is in touch with Isaaiha’s sister and can act on her behalf.   

I admire Isaaiha for his bravery, added Greg. It’s a lot for anyone to move out of a home you’ve known for years after losing a loved one. He’s now onto something better.