National Disabilities Voter Registration Week

Your voice matters. Register to vote!

September 13th-20th is the National Disabilities Voter Registration Week! If you want to vote this November, the deadline to register  is October 8th! 

Why register to vote?

Voting gives you a say in who makes the choices about your access to healthcare, transportation, housing, education, and more.  

Voting is one of the most important rights of a US citizen. It allows people to choose leaders they feel will best represent their needs on the local, state, and federal levels. You can make real change by being an educated voter in your community. Did you know that nearly 20% of the US populations has a disability? Your vote matters and can make a difference. Last year, over 38 million people with disabilities were eligible to vote, and our numbers keep growing! Register today! 

Below are some easy links to help you register. Want to learn more? Our friends at AUCD have made this informative video.

Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All. Liz interviews Michelle Bishop about the importance of voting. 


Not sure if you’re registered? Check here.

Register online, here OR register by mail, here.