Women Helping Women

Helping Two Young Women Become Independent

Shiniqui is helping Mariam (above left) and Hanae (above right) with Core Competencies: Person and Family Support, Referral to Community Supports, and Comprehensive Transitional Care. 

Meet Shiniqui Coppage, a remarkable Care Manager who’s changing lives through her unwavering support and dedication. Her mission? To help young women like Mariam and Hanae achieve independence and flourish. Shiniqui’s journey into Care Management was fueled by a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She’s been in the field, working in group homes and day habilitation centers for over a decade, and her path has now led her to a fulfilling role as a Care Manager.

An independent woman: A Black woman in dreads smiles in the sunshine.
Shiniqui Coppage

“It’s more than just a job to me,” Shiniqui shares. “It’s about making an impact, touching lives, and creating brighter tomorrows.”

As a mother herself, Shiniqui knows the challenges and joys of raising a child with disabilities. She understands the unique needs of her own family and extends the same compassion and understanding to the young women she’s guiding.

Helping Mariam become independent

Mariam, a bright young woman with epilepsy, is one of the individuals Shiniqui assists on her journey to independence. Shiniqui is teaching Mariam essential skills like medication management and tracking her episodes. She encouraged Mariam to pursue her passion for nursing, and Mariam even completed a study program with Shiniqui proudly by her side at the graduation ceremony.

“This young lady has made me so proud,” says Shiniqui. “We set monthly goals for her independence, and seeing her thrive is amazing.”

Helping Hanae become independent

Hanae is another young woman under Shiniqui’s guidance, learning to embrace independence. Shiniqui is helping Hanae overcome her fears and build self-esteem, even teaching her to smile at herself in the mirror. The support from Shiniqui has empowered Hanae to aim higher and achieve her goals.

“I’m here to teach them what it means to be strong, independent women,” says Shiniqui.

The Meeting

Shiniqui had a brilliant idea: Why not bring Mariam and Hanae together so they can learn from each other? Mariam, ready to explore the world, could benefit from Hanae’s self-expression, and Hanae, freer in self-expression, could learn from Mariam’s readiness for independence. Both young women loved the idea and agreed to meet.

The meeting took place, and the connection was instant. They provided each other with support and encouragement, forming a bond that brightened Mariam’s day. Mariam invited Hanae to join her in volunteering, and Hanae’s mother even asked Mariam for a meal.

They discovered common ground in their African heritage and their shared Muslim faith. The meeting was an empowering moment and an opportunity to build on their goals.

Shiniqui knew it would be a success. She says, “We never know who we meet, how they can change our lives.”