Winning Through Losing

Losing weight can be better with the right support

Beverly wanted nothing more than to lose weight. She wished to improve her overall health because of her diabetes and mobility issues. But as a middle-aged woman, the battle to lose weight was where she could use some support.

Frustrated, Beverly decided to pursue bariatric surgery. But before moving forward, she discussed it with her Care Manager, Alannah.

Alannah had serious concerns about Beverly going through with the surgery. Beverly had every right to explore all the options to meet her goal of being healthier. Alannah knew that Beverly lived alone with few natural supports to help her and realized the surgery could present challenges.  Alannah was particularly worried about Beverly’s ability to manage a liquid diet for six weeks post-surgery and restrictions on other daily activities, including lifting. Alannah researched options for after-care assistance to help. 

Alannah requested her supervisor initiate a consultation with the ACANY clinical team to gain more medical information. The team, including a registered nurse, met to review Beverly’s medical history, her current needs, and various options for weight loss. The team then consulted with the bariatric surgeon’s office to identify an alternative plan for Beverly.

Alannah supported Beverly while attending nutrition appointments to discuss healthy eating habits and weight loss options, eventually leading to a decision not to have surgery. With her lifestyle changes, Beverly began to see positive changes make a difference in her weight. With the support of Alannah, the clinical team, and other Providers, Beverly has lost 60 pounds over six months.

Alannah and the ACANY clinical team have been there for Beverly to help in her process of losing weight and will help again with good advice should she reconsider surgery.