Disability Services as We Age

Social Security Benefits

Navigating the complex process of accessing Social Security benefits can often be daunting for parents and their family members with disabilities. This is even more important as we age.  

Social Security benefits are available in forms beyond basic retirement benefits, including Auxiliary, Survivor, Retirement, and Disabled Child benefits. Learning about the different types of benefits and adapting to acronyms unique to the SSI system is often confusing. The important takeaway is to recognize these vital benefits shift at very specific milestones:

  • From birth to age 18, parental deeming drives eligibility.  
  • At ages 18 through 49, Disabled Adult Child benefits continue until the beneficiary gets married or earns over substantial gainful activity.  
  • At ages 50 and 60, eligibility changes for survivor benefits 
  • At age 62, retirement benefits kick in.
  • At age 65, Medicaid can start for non-disabled individuals.
  • Additional info about retirement and death benefits was covered. 

Every situation can be different

This information is basic to the process, so you can begin to plan for the future. To learn more about SSA benefits for you or your child with a disability,  contact your local SSI office and reach out to your Care Manager with questions. 

Disability Benefit resources are available on the Knowledge Center

NY ABLE Accounts

NY ABLE accounts give earnings the ability to grow tax-deferred and allow savings to be withdrawn tax-free for qualified expenses. Anyone can contribute to a NY ABLE account, and there are many ways to contribute.  When investing through a payroll deduction plan, an account can be opened for as little as $25. A NY ABLE account can be opened by: 

  • An eligible individual 
  • A parent or legal guardian of the eligible individual 
  • A person granted power of attorney on behalf of the eligible individual 

We recently hosted a webinar with experts on the topic. In case you missed it, click below.