The Road to Recovery

The Key to Jackie’s Recovery was Care Management

Breakups can be bad, but for Jackie, it was too much.

She had a significant decline in her mental and physical health. Jackie stopped taking her medications and stopped caring for herself and her home. Her heartbreak was more than she could handle.

When Care Manager Grazel stopped in to visit her, Jackie was reluctant to open the door to her apartment. “I asked through the door if she would let me in. Jackie unlocked the door. I took it as a sign she wanted me to help.”

Once in the apartment, Grazel plugged Jackie’s phone in, realizing it needed charging. Jackie hid under a blanket and would not communicate with Grazel. At least she would be able to call Jackie, Grazel thought. Three weeks later, Grazel received a call telling her that during a wellness check, Jackie was unresponsive, and paramedics took her to a hospital.

Grazel set up weekly meetings with the hospital and housing staff to express her concerns about Jackie living in her own apartment. Grazel presented Jackie with her options, which included the opportunity to move into an IRA. “I told her it didn’t need to be a permanent solution,” Grazel said. Jackie avoided meeting or speaking with Grazel after that, but Grazel continued requesting weekly meetings.

Jackie is now in a setting where she has made much progress. She doesn’t remember Grazel coming to her apartment because she was so sick.

“Jackie has thanked me for helping move her to an IRA,” said Grazel. “She’s hugged and thanked me multiple times. She was so thankful I did not abandon her!” Jackie was able to recover through Care Management.

Jackie stated she has three resolutions on her road to recovery. First, never go back to where she was before. Second, for Grazel to remain her Care Manager, and third, to get her man back. “We shared a laugh. I explained to Jackie that the goal is to be in a better place than where she was before. After obtaining that goal, we can find a compatible partner. I reminded Jackie that no one matters more than her.”

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