Helping a family during their loss

Lisenny helps John after the loss of his father

Lisenny Rodriguez is helping John Ortiz with core services: Comprehensive Care Management, Person and Family Support, and Referral to Community Supports.

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Lisenny Rodriguez

Lisenny became John’s Care Manager shortly after she came to work for ACA/NY. Before John worked with Lisenny, he lived a very solitary life, staying in his room, not talking, and not having the desire to do much.

But since Lisenny entered the picture, she has been able to get John to day hab programs and other services. He has been more helpful to his mother and has pitched in around the house.“John has been an amazing person to work with,” Lisenny said. “He’s super ambitious and a very caring person.”

Loss of father

An only child to his parents, John lost his father to COVID during the pandemic while his mother was having medical issues.

Lisenny says it was a very difficult time for John, but she was thankful that she could help the Ortiz family and ensure they had what they needed.

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John Ortiz

“It was so amazing how every time we were going through some hardship, Lisenny would call at that moment, as if God had sent her to help,” said Lanie, John’s mom.

“I was their support system,” said Lisenny. “Even just listening to what they were going through and being there to encourage them seemed to help.”

Focused on goals

Lisenny used discussions around John’s Life Plan to give him a more positive outlook by focusing on goals for the future. “I was motivated to do more as John’s Care Manager and help him achieve his goals,” said Lisenny. “Through it all, John never lost hope.”

Lisenny says John’s resilience has been an inspiration and has driven her to help John and his family. John plans to study and work and is interested in technology.

“He’s really good at Math,” said Lisenny. “Right now, he’s learning how to play chess!”