Care Manager comes to the rescue

Member Helped While Mother Was Ill

Zuleima is helping David with Core Services: Person and family support, Comprehensive Care Management, and Health Promotion.

Sometimes Care Managers know their Members so well that they are there for them before they fall through the cracks.

Such was the case with David, 22, from Long Island.

David’s mother, Luz, was admitted unexpectedly to the hospital with complications from COVID. Luz was a single parent, and no one would be around to care for David in her absence.

Care Manager Zuleimia Ramirez was alerted to David’s situation. She knew that Luz struggled with putting food on the table. Zuleima also knew that Luz would worry about David in her absence.

Care into Action

Zuleima found someone reliable who could serve as a temporary caregiver to David while Luz was in the hospital. After taking care of this important detail, she went to the local Stop & Shop, picked up groceries, and delivered them to David while his mother was hospitalized.

“I knew David’s mother would worry about whether he had enough food,” said Zuleima. “I also knew that Luz struggles to make ends meet. She was out of work because of COVID, so that she wouldn’t be paid.”

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Although it was the weekend, Zuleima followed the progress of David’s mother until she was discharged from the hospital. “The Care Management field requires an open heart and the willingness to go above and beyond for the members we support,” said Zuleima.

David’s mother, Luz, was highly thankful for all Zulemia did in the spirit of care management.

Luz said, “May God repay you for all you do for David and me. “We are very lucky to have you in our lives.”